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Making your Will

Make your Will with Stonehouse Legal Services, so that:

  • You control what happens (and not the state, or anybody else) to your estate

  • You are able to give your estate to whom you choose

  • You can avoid care fees being charged to your estate ( using certain trusts)

  • You can donate to charities you choose

  • The Executors you appoint are legally bound to carry our your wishes

  • Even if your situation changes, you can change your Will to suit any new aims

I offer a unique service,   I will:

  • Arrange to see you for a proper consultation- there is no obligation

  • Provide advice and guidance that is needed for your individual situation and aims

  • Help you make the right decisions and avoid problems

  • Make sure your will is constructed properly and is workable and valid

  • Make sure your will is witnessed, completed, registered and stored properly 

  • Make sure your Executors are aware of their 'potential' roles and responsibilities

  • Provide advice and support to your Executors when the time comes

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