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Just suppose:

You've had a serious accident, or become very ill, or had a stroke, or been diagnosed with Dementia. Any of these could happen at any time.

In these situations you might lose your mental capacity to make decisions, temporarily or permanently.

Even if you haven't, nobody has the legal right or permission to manage your affairs for you.  What are the probable consequences? 

Bills unpaid? Financial disaster?  Homelessness?  Bankruptcy?  Extreme expense for your loved ones?

No registered LPA's

in force to protect you

Nobody can act for you

  • Financial situation at extreme risk

  • Welfare cannot be managed

  • Application to Court required

  • Costs are £2000-3000 minimum

  • Court eventually appoints Deputy

  • Further management costs

  • You have no influence

  • Intrusive Court reporting

You can avoid this potentially

disastrous situation

ever occuring

A 'registered'

Property and Financial LPA

permits your Attorneys to:

  • Pay your bills, care costs

  • Claim benefits

  • Manage your online accounts

  • Manage your money

  • Invest any investments

  • Manage your property

  • Charge/collect rent if needed

  • Act in legal disputes

This LPA can be used by

Attorneys even when you have

mental capacity to make decisions

 A 'registered' 

Health and Welfare LPA

permits your Attorneys to:

  • Arrange where you live

  • Arrange 'Care' for you

  • Manage your dietary intake

  • Manage your medical needs

  • Arrange your social activities

  • Arrange recreation

  • Manage your general welfare

  • Manage Life-Sustaining treatment


This LPA can only be used by

Attorneys if you've lost mental

capacity to make decisions


You, as the 'Donor', appoint people to be your 'Attorneys'. This means you give them the right to manage your affairs if you are unable to. Your Attorneys are required by law to act in your best interests. This is especially important for both your 'Property and Financial' and your Health and Welfare' affairs.

Attorneys must be over 18 and don't need to live in the UK

I handle all the application forms, arrange signatures for you and Attorneys, arrange witnessing and document submission to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) in Birmingham. You pay a fee of £82 (per LPA) to the OPG.

Once they're registered, you're protected for life.

LPA's have no legal jurisdiction for any assets, accounts or investments you hold outside England & Wales.

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